11-1-2020 Message from Board President, Mark Bishchoff

November 1, 2020 Announcement

As we all know, the 2020 elections are currently underway.

Our parent organization, the UUA, has alerted us to the possibility of citizen protests, civil unrest, police action or overreaction as a result of the elections. While we might not see any of these events occurring here in Hillsboro, we do want to be prepared to support First UU Church of Portland or other local churches in providing a temporary shelter for people affected by these events. Rev Denise is meeting with Portland area UU Ministers this evening (November 1st) to discuss coordinating support.

I know that many of you have given much time and energy to ensure that there is a fair and just election. But our work will not end on November 3rd. We must continue our commitment to defending our democracy and upholding our UU principles. We might call upon you in the congregation to donate your time, food, or other supplies for those who seek temporary shelter in our sanctuary.

As always, safety is of utmost importance to us. We are working to ensure that if we are called upon to provide anyone temporary shelter, we will do this in the safest possible way. If you don’t feel comfortable volunteering in person, you can still make a valuable contribution to this effort.

We will send out an email blast or maybe call or email you directly if we need your help. Do your part to support our principles of democracy and justice!

Thank you,

Mark Bischoff

UUCCWC Board President