The Property Maintenance Committee members are appointed by the Board. The committee supports the current and long-range vision of the congregation. Their task is to provide the congregation with a safe, clean, warm, and aesthetically pleasing environment for the ministry of the church. One member serves as a liaison to the Building  and Grounds Team, so that all plans and projects will be coordinated.

Building & Grounds Team

This team has the responsibility for maintaining the church property in coordination with the Property Trustees. Most routine work is done on Thursday mornings. Special workdays and projects are scheduled for Saturdays.

Landscape Team

This team has the responsibility of planting and maintaining the church property landscape in coordination with the Property Trustees.

Community Garden

This team organizes the layout and mechanics of the Community garden and holds classes on how to best grow vegetables for our participants and for distribution to the food bank.

Aesthetics Team

This team coordinates with the Worship Associates for decorations and themes in the sanctuary. They also have the responsibility of accepting art and displaying art, furnishings, and decor for the church interiors. Sometimes they take on special projects, such as redecorating a room or spring cleaning. They meet as needed to plan for future projects.