Rev.Kevin Lawson

Kevin Lawson

“A wonderful, welcoming community. There is a sweet spirit of tradition and yet a vitality for the present, with care and work to live their mission.”

Kerry Romano

Kerry Romano

“I love this church! Warm and welcoming. Coming here was like coming home.”

Christine Hinderer and son

Christine Elizabeth Jaquette Hinderer

“I found this church in 2006. I joined the church in 2007. I enjoy singing in the choir. There are religious education classes for the kids – my son will be in classes this fall.

This church is a Welcoming Congregation. The services can vary in structure and focus. Music is always important.”

Dee Cooper

Dee Cooper

“Very welcoming people. Interesting, talented, clever, all those good things.

As a “between” / gender-nonconforming / TG person, they welcomed me in 2012 with enthusiasm, which I had never expected from a church before then.”

headshot maggie lynch

Maggie Lynch

“This church has provided a second family for me and my husband. It has nurtured our interest in music. Pastoral care and many members have helped us in times of illness and grief. The services are welcoming and friendly.”