A Welcome from Our Minister

Rev. Christine RileyHello, as the Minister for the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Washington County, I welcome your interest in our church. Throughout our history, this Church has been a steady voice for liberal religion in Washington County.  Here, you will discover a compassionate and friendly faith community where you will be supported in your spiritual journey.

We extend a warm welcome to all who seek a religious community free of the restriction of creeds and dogma, a community that supports each person in the use of both intellect and Spirit in matters of religious inquiry and experience.

Here, folks with diverse theological beliefs and differing spiritual practices come together in caring fellowship because we honor the integrity of individual conscience.  We believe that through compassionate fellowship we discover diversity of theological beliefs, gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ages, spiritual practices, and ethnicity, to be enriching gifts which guide us in better understanding our place in this world.

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that religious authority does not reside in any single sacred text, person, or institution, but rather in each individual’s own conscience.  All who come with an open and inquiring mind, a caring heart, and a willingness to explore both religious beliefs and spirituality are invited to visit.

As Unitarian Universalists we believe in the value of using democratic process.  Our church is democratically governed by its Members, an elected Board of Trustees, and its Minister.

If this sounds like the kind of church you have been seeking, we invite you to join us Sunday mornings in liberal religious Worship.  We are located in the historic Orenco neighborhood of Hillsboro.  We have easy parking, with Tri-Met and MAX just a short walk.

We hope that, with our growing and vibrant faith community, you will find the spiritual home that you have been yearning for.

Reverend Christine Riley

Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Washington County


uu chalice and flame in a progression of colors from blue to green to orange and redReverend Christine is a native Oregonian.  She previously served UU churches in the Pacific Northwest and Tennessee before being called to serve UUCCWC.  Reverend Christine holds Bachelors of Science, Masters of Divinity and Post-Master’s Degrees. 

She came to Unitarian Universalism seeking a liberal faith which welcomed diversity, where both use of mind and spiritual growth in matters of religion is encouraged, and where social justice action to create a kinder and more just world for all Life is understood as a core component of one’s faith.

“Love is the doctrine of this church,
         The quest for truth is its sacrament,
         And service is its prayer.

To dwell together in peace,
         To seek knowledge in freedom,
         To serve humanity in fellowship,
         Thus we do covenant.”

-Reverend L. Griswold Williams