A 20+ person backyard gathering for circle supper in summer 2018

Circle Suppers are a means to get to know each other in a small group setting. A supper for up to eight people is hosted at a member’s home. Hosts provide the main course and table service, and guests bring drinks, salad, sides, or dessert to share as coordinated with the host.  It is an opportunity for friends, newcomers, and members of the congregation to share food and get acquainted in a more intimate environment.

Don’t drive at night?  No worries.  We can arrange a carpool with another guest.

Consider being a host if you can, or simply being an attendee at someone’s home. Some of the suppers are organized around themes, while others are organized around attendees (e.g., couples, families, singles). Yet others are mixed.

Circle Suppers are announced in the news section here and in the Sunday bulletin at church.

For information about any upcoming 2018 circle suppers, contact Harriet Schmidt.