Stewardship is a critical part of our ministry. It takes a surprising number of ministries, programs, committees, teams and events to give life to our mission. Fulfilling our mission requires resources both in terms of people and money. Please consider completing an annual pledge with a monthly giving goal.

Our Mission…

We strive to be an inclusive spiritual community that embodies and promotes:

  • peace and justice for all peoples,
  • respect and responsibility for the earth,
  • freedom of thought,
  • the democratic process,
  • education and spiritual growth for ourselves, our community, and our world.


Our annual Canvass begins in March. Throughout March and April there will be many opportunities to learn more about our budget, where we invest our funds, and where we hope to go in the future.

Also, feel free to make one time donations to the operating budget and the capital budget.  At any time you may set up a monthly donation or a one time donation online. Click the DONATE button below.

If you wish to make your ANNUAL PLEDGE through the electronic donation system, please also be sure to fill out a PLEDGE FORM for our records. Without a form, we do not know if this is an ongoing commitment or a one time commitment.

Stewardship is facilitated through the Stewardship Committee. All are welcome to volunteer to be a part of the Stewardship Committee and help assure our church  is meeting the needs of our congregants and the wider community in which we serve.


Stewardship Committee

Leadership and Communication Facilitation – Plans and conducts leadership training; provides a forum for resolving potential conflicts.

Canvass – Plans and conducts the annual pledge drive; works with Workshop Associates and Minister to plan Celebration Sunday.

Auction and Fundraising – Plans fun and profitable events to fund special projects not in the church budget. These may include a services auction, flea markets, game nights, music programs, etc.

Planned Giving – Encourages members and friends to include the church in their estate plans to provide support in the future.