There are several liaison groups that assist the Minister and staff in worship, pastoral care, and music.  More information on some of these groups is linked here to other pages.

Worship Team

This team is made up of the Minister, Music Director, and Worship Associates. Worship Associates are members of the congregation appointed by the Minister to assist in planning and coordinating worship services, setting up the sanctuary, and speaking during Sunday worship.

Sound System Sub-Committee

This team assists during worship and other events wehre the sound system and hearing assistance devices are used. Also recommends improvements to the sound system and maintains current equipment.

Pastoral Care Team

This team assists the Minister by providing practical help, emotional support, and resources to congregants who face health issues or life challenges. There are three subgroups:

Health Resources Team – This team provides health consultation referrals, medical equipment on loan, and workshops on health and caregiver concerns.

Life Challenges Team – This team provides emotional support, a listening ear, and information and referral for those experiencing difficult life events. This team also coordinates an Addictions Ministry.

Helping Hand Team – This team provides cards, flowers, meals, transportation, and likmited practical assistance to those in need or who are isolated and need connections.

Covenant Groups

Covenant groups are about both intimacy and “ultimacy.” These groups explore spiritual growth and deep discussions with a small, facilitated group that covenants to meet consistently over the church year.

Choir and Music

Choir rehearsals are Thursdays from 7:00 to 8:30pm. The choir sings every other week at services.