The Membership Services Committee welcomes Newcomers, assimilates new Members into the congregation, and works to make all members and friends feel valued here. We maintain an up-to-date roster of all voting Members.

At every monthly meeting this Committee gives attention to the Life Cycle of connection and commitment of people to our church community. From their first visit we encourage Newcomers to connect and participate. Those who continue to attend are invited to engage in activities along the Path to Membership, including wearing name tags, joining the Newcomer’s Connections Circle or social gatherings, and volunteering some service to others.

Twice each year we invite recent newcomers to attend a Membership Exploration Class to learn more about the way this church is organized to further its mission and extend the reach of Unitarian Universalist principles. Those who decide to join the church are invited to take part in the next Ingathering, a service of celebration in which church leaders and the congregation welcome New Members as they sign our Membership book.                                                      


Whether our congregants join as Members or continue their connection as nonvoting Friends of our church, we encourage them to actively engage in the life of this faith community. We know that communities can undergo change as people come and go, propelled by changes in their own personal lives. We try to follow up with Members who haven’t been seen for a while, to confirm their membership status, offer help if needed, or simply to wish them well if they decide to resign their membership.

Ushers / Greeters are Membership Committee’s ambassadors. Members of this team, recruited and coordinated by Vicki Staley and Kathy Vorm, are your first point of contact when you come to any service. They’ll welcome you and hand you the Order of Service and an information  packet if you’re new. They’ll help you find your name badge or sign up for one, and they’ll point you toward an open seat if we’re crowded. Usher-Greeters get special training for health and safety issues and proper handling of the Sunday offering, along with practicing their warmest smiles and words of welcome.

Hospitality is another key element in the work of Membership. Hosting and providing coffee, tea and goodies for Social Hour and special meetings is the job of the Hospitality Crew, a large team of volunteers coordinated by Jenny Houston and Vicki Lollis. They’re happy to have more helpers and will gladly show you how to operate kitchen equipment and locate supplies. Cleanup duty afterward is part of the hosting job, but extra hands are always welcome!

For more information, please contact the Membership Services Committee co-chairs: Vicki Staley and Kathryn Warrior