Nursery (Birth to 2 years old)

Our youngest children are cared for in the Nursery. This is located in the education wing adjacent to the Social Hall. Here we create a warm, accepting atmosphere where trust is formed, helping our tiny ones to be comfortable and happy. Children will have time for exploration and plenty of cuddling. Another option, for parents with babies that are still too young to be separated, are for parents and children to view the service in the Cry Room at the back of the sanctuary. This provides a sound proof place so that the other congregants are not bothered but you can still hear and see the entire service.

Childcare (2-3 year olds) and Preschool (3-5 year olds)

Depending on the number of children in this age range on any particular Sunday, these two options may be combined or toddlers (age 2 and 3) may be kept in the nursery.

The Preschool curriculum is based on the philosophy that a preschooler’s spiritual development is related to their own direct experiences. Through dramatic play, creative expression and interactions with others, children come to know their church as a community of people who come together in a sacred, special place, and their world as a place of wonder. Our morning programs include friendship circles, story, music, and theme-based crafts, as well as time where children may explore and participate as they choose.