Young Youth Religious Exploration (Yo-Yos)

Young Youth (Yo-Yos) are 6th through 8th grade congregants. They participate in the first part of the worship service beginning Sundays at 10:00am and then adjourn to the Parish House for their religious exploration classes.

In addition to Sunday classes, the Yo-Yos curriculum is interwoven with service projects, field trips, retreats and social gatherings. Social events may include skating, bowling, pizza parties, beach retreats and other fun stuff. All youth must be registered to participate in cons, field trips, and overnights.

picture of 6th-12th grade students after preparing food packages at the Oregon Food Bank
Young Youth (Yo-Yos) and High School participants, with their adult leaders, are thanked for preparing over 8,000 meals at the Oregon Food Bank


Youth pictured at Lazer Extreme, a fun night out to play lazer tag together
Combined Yo-Yos and High School youth get a fun evening out for fellowship and playing Lazer Tag