Winter 2021 Lifespan Exploration classes

We would love to have you take, teach, and/or facilitate a class.  Under the current pandemic restrictions, classes may fill up particularly quickly.  Be sure to contact the instructor / facilitator to enroll in the class.  If you’re interested in conducting a class, please fill out the proposal form ( and contact Sara Bly or Gary Conaway with any questions or concerns.




Beginning T’ai Chi Chih (Belief Systems)

1/4 – 1/28:  Twice weekly, Mondays and Thursdays
4-5pm via Zoom

T’ai Chi Chih is a mindfulness moving meditation practice. Participants will learn all nineteen movements and one pose, discovering how to circulate and balance the energy (Chi) in their bodies. Regular practice reduces stress, benefiting body, mind and spirit. No special equipment is needed. The instructor will expect 10-15 minutes of daily practice outside of class.

T’ai Chi Chih is very gentle, and interested persons should not be discouraged by minor limitations they may have, such as past surgeries/injuries that limit some movement in a joint or limb. Most things can be accommodated. All students will be asked to contact the instructor before signing up to make sure they will have a successful experience.


Instructor: Linda Minor, co-facilitator: Cheryl Claar

Linda Minor is a retired librarian who has practiced T’ai Chi Chih for over ten years. She was certified to teach in October 2017 and has taught several beginning classes at UUCCWC and also at the UCC in Forest Grove. She has also taught seated T’ai Chi Chih, and has additional certification in teaching Seijaku, the advanced form of T’ai Chi Chih. She holds a weekly practice for her students, and also volunteers to teach for Village without Walls.


Contact Linda ( to enroll in the class.


Introduction to SoulCollage (Enhancing Creativity)

1/11 & 1/26:  Two-part series, biweekly
10am-12pm via Zoom

Are you looking for more ways to connect with people in our community? Can you cut and paste? Are you curious about what SoulCollage is? We invite you to attend An Introduction to SoulCollage class for those who want to try this wonderful activity.

Participants will need to collect images from magazines, calendars and flyers they have at home or print them from the web. I can provide the correct size collage card or they can make one from light cardboard.


Instructor: Kathy Foldes

Kathy Foldes, a long time member, has been in UUCCWC’s SoulCollage Circle for a decade. She trained to become a certified SoulCollage facilitator in 2018. She is the current facilitator of the ongoing UUCC SoulCollage Circle that will welcome new members who’ve taken the introductory class.


Contact Kathy ( to enroll in the class.


A Brief Introduction to Oceanography (Academic)
1/16:  2-3:30pm via Zoom

A brief introduction to the Earth’s oceans and how scientists study them. If there is sufficient interest, the course can be expanded in later course offerings.  This class is intergenerational (12 and older)


Instructor: John Sharp, co-facilitator: Anne Dale

John Sharp has a Masters degree in Chemical Oceanography from Oregon State University. He focused on how metals (iron, manganese) are added to the ocean by hydrothermal vents and removed from the ocean by biochemical processes.


Contact John (jhnshrp@gmailcom) to enroll in the class.


Religions of the World (Belief Systems)

Date/Time TBD: Monthly, six sessions

This group will explore various religious belief systems: basic theological tenets, rights of passage, rituals, holidays, etc. Each participant will take responsibility for a religion of their choice: either presenting, co-presenting, or inviting a guest speaker.


Facilitator: Julia Surtshin

Contact Julia ( or 503-968-2544) to enroll in the class.


Spirit of Life (Belief Systems)

1/13:  Twice monthly, 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month
3-4:30pm via Zoom

Facilitator: Sheryl Macy, co-facilitator: Gary Conaway



Date/Time TBD: one session

Instructor: Scott Lindstrom, Zoom host: Sara Bly


A Call to Faith in Turbulent Times

Date/Time TBD: four sessions

Facilitator: Rev. Denise Calway, Zoom host: Sara Bly