Next Circle Suppers Scheduled for October 13th, Looking for Hosts

illustration of a fork, nife, and spoon with leaves and flowers
The next Circle Suppers will happen on Saturday, October 13th.
I’m thinking of pumpkins and soup and cozy supper with friends!
The social hall will be available, and possibly the parish house, if anyone would like to throw a party there.  Childcare can be arranged for parties held on the church premises.
We have a likely Gluten-Free host this time!  So that people who need to eat gluten-free, and their friends, can relax together and not have to worry about which foods are safe – the whole party will be gluten-free.
I think I will host a vegan supper on the night, myself.
At this time I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in hosting a circle supper, at home or at the church, with or without children.  Parties should have at least six people.  The host usually makes a main dish and asks guests to bring sides, dessert, drinks, etc.  The host sets up the table and provides dishes, glasses and utensils.  Clean-up afterwards tends to be a group effort.
Any questions, please contact me.  Thank you.
Harriet Schmidt