PWR Leadership Experience 2020

Interested in becoming a more effective leader in your congregation? Meeting other UU leaders? Learning more about the UUA? Consider signing up for this year’s Leadership Experience!  The experience will be held in January 2020; registration deadline is October 15.  For more information about specific dates and locations, click here.

There are three parts to the experience:

  • Pre-Work some alone, some with a small group of leaders you ask to learn with you (They’ll be fascinated!)
  • Weekend Retreat (see the chart below for details) You’ll be a part of a small group for learning, conversations, and sharing, as well as a large group of UU Leaders.
  • Follow-Up Video Conference Learning Groups You will continue with your small group, one evening every other week, in February and March for support and continued learning. You can join by computer or smartphone or if necessary, simply by phone. There’s about an hour’s advance work to go with each call-usually an informative video and reflection.

Subjects cover topics like grounding yourself as a leader, a philosophy of healthy congregations, help in understanding diversity, congregational size, and contemporary challenges for congregations, as well as nuts and bolts like recruiting and managing change.