Racial Equity Book Discussion

Six representatives from UUCCWC attended the 2019 UU General Assembly in June.  Many workshops focused on racial equity.  To keep momentum going from these experiences, we will have a book discussion group on Thursday, August 22nd at 6 pm in the Church sanctuary.  The book selected is the bestseller White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo.  Our society has a continuing race crisis, and this book explores the challenges of openly talking about race in our world.  One desire is to seed a new UUCCWC pilot for a welcoming congregation program focused on multicultural inclusion.  Another desire is to share our experiences with this exploration for all that want to share.  Please come to the discussion prepared.  The book is available at your local library and online booksellers have it for a reasonable price.  There is a reading guide the group will be using, you can download that from:


If you have any questions, please email racialequity.UUCCWC@gmail.com.

 Please see Rev. Christine if you need assistance purchasing the book.

 Come join us as we learn to be more inclusive together!