2021-2022 Stewardship Campaign


UUCCWC strives to build this community for us all to thrive, to grow, to learn, to be inspired and to be accompanied with pastoral care throughout our life. Nourish our community.

When you donate or pledge  to UUCCWC, you practice generosity and support the work we do to care for one another, create love, justice, and peace in the world.   Look what we accomplished together this year!

We receive no financial support beyond that offered by members, friends, and the rental of our home (on hiatus during pandemic). It’s up to us. Read on to learn about a ways to contribute!

2021-2022 UUCCWC Annual Pledge Drive “Together For JoyFebruary through March.  Our annual Pledge Drive begins. Why? So that the Board knows what pledges to expect in the coming fiscal year to develop a budget based on this amount. Throughout the period of the Pledge Drive there will be many opportunities to learn more about our plans to thrive in the next year and beyond, where we invest our funds, and where we hope to go in the following years.


You are invited to Together for Joy events— these small gatherings will be fun. Let’s build connections, share dreams and answer your questions.

Click here for easy signup: https://forms.gle/QaQhpJAoLkDVdxfBA

The Together for Joy 2021-2022 Pledge Form is now available by clicking here.

Please complete your pledge form by March 22, 2021!

Our Pledge Drive Goal

Click here for the pie chart visual.

The Stewardship Team started planning for this year’s Pledge Drive with the question “So what?” Instead of budget categories from the chart of accounts, we looked at what happens because of our budgetary choices.

We focused on the vision we have for the church.  We considered the Church’s Mission and Vision.  We reflected on the 2019 Vision Report and the work of the Vision Implementation Team.  And we developed new categories that reflect the values we hold for envisioning how are money is spent:

  • Our Community- To care for our shared community, supporting each other with joy and compassion.
  • Inspiration: To feel moved and infused with a desire to live our UU principles and seek spirituality
  • Learning- To gain understanding by study and experience.
  • Justice- To promote fairness, diversity, equity & inclusion. AND
  • Growth- To develop; increasing in size, importance, and impact.

Considering how our resources can support these values helped guide our thinking when establishing this year’s Pledge Goal of $256K.

The traditional budget line items are woven throughout these categories; staff, occupancy,  and general administrative expenses provide the foundation for work in each of these areas. When the Pledge Drive is over, the budget that will be presented to the congregation for approval will be in a more traditional budget format.


A Simple Way To Decide Your Pledge


  1. Reflect on what this church means to you.
  2. Consider a pledge that is both generous and within your means.
  3. Make a pledge that is meaningful to you.


We have two tools to help you make your decision; consider how our congregational giving compares to other similar UU congregation and look at Giving Guide used by many congregations.

Quartile Analysis

First is a Quartile Analysis.  The Stewardship Team wanted to know where are we and how are we doing?  The Quartile Analysis looks at how the pledges are distributed in the congregation. The total amount pledged for the year is divided by 4 to create the quartiles, which show pledges from largest amounts (1st quartile) to the smallest (4th quartile).   The green bars show the number of pledges in each quartile.  The blue bars show what a Healthy Distribution would be (from “Stewardship for US”).  You can identify the quartile your pledge falls in.  if you are able to increase your pledge to have it grow into the next quartile, you will help us become a financially healthier congregation.

Here is another view of the Quartile Analysis.  Notice that our congregation’s giving could be healthier if we increased our pledges.

Fair Share Giving Guide

This chart may look familiar to many of you.  Think about your regular income; subtract any unusual expenses that you feel will impact your capacity to give (such as child care or hospital bills).  Use that adjusted income figure and look at different percentages to guide your decision.  A gift that is meaningful to you is meaningful to us!

Every member of our community is valued. Some are able to provide financial resources and others are not.  Some volunteer to support this community.  Our society tends to value people based on their income (or donation) level. We reject that criteria and look to our first principle. We value the inherent worth and dignity of all members and friends.  Members experiencing financial challenges can request a waiver from the Treasurer or any board member, or the minister.

Thank you for being you; for sharing your gifts and presence with us. Reflect on what this church means to you. Consider a pledge that is both generous AND within your means.  Make a pledge that is meaningful to you.



Click here to learn more about our Stewardship Committee. 


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