UUCCWC Email delivery

Are you getting your UUCCWC emails delivered?

The UUCCWC office has recently starting using a new email service that provides enhanced functionality. While the address that the email comes from has not changed, the code inside the email may cause this to not be recognized as valid by your email program.

Emails from UUCCWC.ORG may end up in your spam folder. You may want to check your spam or junk folder with frequency until you are assured that you are not missing anything. Every email program has a method of handing spam or junk mail. We recommend you take a look and perform any steps to prevent your mail program from flagging UUCCWC mail as junk. A simple google search for “How do I mark email as safe in (insert your program)” [such as: comcast/gmail/frontier/yahoo/hotmail/rocketmail/delphimail/aol.com/earthlink/compuserve]


Thank you for your understanding!  Stay safe and stay well!