We Have a New Website!

Using the new WordPress Theme created by the UUA, we are delighted to have launched our new site. We hope you like it!  It will continue to undergo changes during the summer and fall as we decide what is  most important to present and where.

Please direct any posts, events, changes, recommendations to webmaster@uuccwc.org and we will evaluate your requests in light of the many needs of our congregation.

If you are taking pictures at an event, please consider sharing them with the webmaster. We are always looking for new pictures to show the vibrancy of our faith community and reports on those events. Just a summary paragraph is fine. We will decide the best placement: in news, in events, on our front-page carousel, or on a specific page that relates to the participants.

Finally, the web team is always looking for people who want to learn how to maintain the website and to be a backup to the webmaster. If you feel fairly comfortable with logging into websites and typing (perhaps you keep a blog, or respond to blogs regularly) or consider yourself pretty decent using Microsoft Word commands like bold, italic, center, left justify, then you can learn how to maintain general web pages on this site. Please contact Maggie with your interest and she will find time to do a training and assign regular pages to you.