Why we sing:

Because singing together feels good, builds community, and improves the health of singers and listeners.

Who we are:

Singers of all abilities who love to sing in harmony and help lead worship.

What we do:

Sing in worship twice a month, plus special events at church and in the community.

Who’s at the piano:

Ingrid Unterseher, and sometimes Sheryl Macy

When and where rehearsals are held:

7:00-8:30pm Thursdays in the sanctuary (late August through early June)

Choir Sundays: 45 minutes before worship

What If you’re not sure about your voice or ability to match pitch:

Contact Raymond for a friendly voice check and section placement. True tone deafness is extremely rare. Some folks just don’t have much practice holding pitch when surrounded by harmonies. It’s eminently learnable!

How we do it:

  • Rehearse together weekly
  • Physical / vocal / ensemble warm-ups
  • Learn cool music in a supportive atmosphere
  • Build musical friendships

What you need to bring to choir:

  • Heart, ears, mind, lungs, throat
  • Commitment to rehearsal times
  • Ability to match pitch and hold part with your section
  • Reading music: useful, but not required

Who’s up front waving his hands and talking:

Raymond Elliott  email the music director