Jim Lynch on guitar, vocalists Karen Westphalen and Jean Powers, and bohdran drummer Dave McAdams provide music at an End of Canvas party for church members.


There are a number of other musicians who play during services when the choir is not singing. If you are a musician and willing to share your talents with our church community please contact Raymond Elliot, the music director.

If you would like to hook up with a current musician, whether to do music for a church service or just to learn about the music community available among our members,  check in with them after a service. In addition to the musicians in the Orenco Ramblers and Cat House Rock Band, these individual musicians also love doing music.

Nancy Johnson – Handbells

Jim Lynch – Guitar and vocalist who plays folk, rock, blues, and Americana.

Pam Midyett – Harp

Linda Minor – Harp

Tom Robinson – Trumpet, piano, and vocalist who plays all varieties of music but specializes in Jazz.

Jay Hamlin – Harmonica

Scott Lindstrom – Harmonica

Dave McAdams – Drums

Jean Powers – Vocalist

And we have many other vocalists in our congregation, including several choir members. You may also contact the church office with your email address and a request to get together with one of them. They will make sure to make a connection for you.