What to Expect

What is great about our service is that it is LIVE. It gives us a sense of community in real time followed by a Coffee Hour to chat amongst friends!

  • Gathering: When you first join UUCCWC service you may be waiting in the waiting room until the Zoom Host allows you to enter. There will be gathering music for 10-15 minutes as people continue to arrive. At about 10:05 the singing bowl will be rung to signal start of the service. Followed by the introduction, opening hymn, congregational life and our welcome message.
  • Nurturing Our Community: This is where we light our chalice and sing the chalice hymn “Spirit of Life”, express Joys and Concerns in the Chat window while a short video plays on screen. Followed by a short meditation of reflection. One of the favorite parts of our service is Time for All Ages with stories for young and old.
  • Exploring: We move into celebrations, reflective readings and the sermon.
  • Returning: While thinking about the exploration it is time to take up our offering. If this is your first time your presence is gift enough. Our community loves to sing so we have the closing hymn, benediction, extinguishing of the chalice and then the invitation into fellowship. Coffee Hour! The host will ask you to join a breakout room to keep the group small. You may leave the room go to the main and choose a different room. You will be surrounded by folks who might very well become your new friends.

We are a tight-knit community that is genuinely eager to accept new folks into our group. You will be welcomed open-heartedly and encouraged to think outside the box about your spiritual journey.

Come Join US! We love chatting and getting to know you.