Shelterbelts: Stories of Inspiring Friendships

Diane Larson with Special Musicians Ingrid Unterseher and Kristen van Kranenburgh

What does friendship ask of us? What do we give? What do we receive?

What can we learn from stories of inspiring friendships? How can they help us, especially in the divisive era in which we … read more.

Stories We Can Stop Telling & New Ones For Today

Reverend Christine Riley with Ingrid Unterseher

We all carry stories from our past which can support personal growth and positive change, or they can mire us in stagnation and apprehension.  Discerning what, from our past, can inspire us in the present and what ought to remain … read more.

Resiliency and Joy

Terri Schmiesing

A few years ago I heard a wonderful story that took place when the English colonized India.  They set up a golf course in Calcutta in an area populated with monkeys.  To the great frustration of the English golfers, the monkeys would pick up … read more.