Great Mystery Theology

Reverend Mark Gallagher

Careful observation is revealing a seamless natural universe of mystery and breath-taking magnificence. Understanding ourselves as part of that magnificence opens the door to a deep and vital religious experience. The Reverend Mark Gallagher was pastor of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Vancouver … read more.

Hope In These Times: Naïve or Essential?

Reverend Christine Riley, Music Director Raymond Elliott and the UUCCWC Choir

In our present national and global reality it is so tempting to permit ourselves to become discouraged and turn away from the daily deluge of divisiveness and anger. Our days and perspective can readily become … read more.

Judges 9 … with Zombies!

Reverend Craig Moro

Here’s a serious Old Testament story told in a comic spirit. Whatever you think you hear this morning, I promise that it has nothing to do with our current national situation or the upcoming mid-term elections. Cross my heart and hope to die–then … read more.