There’s No “Them” Here, There’s Just Us

Reverend Barbara Stevens

People with mental illness are often ostracized from “polite” society. We may think of “them,” the ones who are different.  Yet most of us, whether in our own lives or the lives of those we love, have been touched by mental illness and … read more.

Mister Rogers and his UU Neighborhood – All Ages Service

Warren Lockwood

Please bring your child, grand-child and/or inner child to this service as we sing the songs of a generation’s favorite TV neighbor: Mr. Rogers.  Warren Lockwood will lead a visit through our own “neighborhood”, with help from Ferdinand the puppet and special guests!  Please … read more.

The Right Stuff for Today and Tomorrow

Reverend Christine Riley

Music Director Raymond Elliott and the UUCCWC Choir

It can all be so confusing, this new reality we are mired in.  Events and claims that were unimaginable not long ago challenge our fortitude to continue modeling a kinder and more just way.  Many are … read more.