Maud Gonne: An Irish Joan of Arc – Alana Graham

Maud Gonne was an Irish heretic heart who championed the rights of the poor, women, children and all the Irish oppressed. As well as being an advocate for human rights, she created many free libraries, was an actress, an occultist and the love of William … read more.

The Different Ways People Were Heretics – Darolyn Wylie

This summer you have already heard about a number of heretics, individuals or groups that proposed heretical ideas at variance with the accepted beliefs of some established group. This Sunday we will step back and ask, “What makes an effective heretic? What kind of heresy … read more.

Heroes and Heresy In Our Daily Lives – Lois Pereira

While we recognize the inspiration from the great heroes of history, let’s pause to recognize the heroism and heresy we encounter in our daily lives. As we do so, let’s acknowledge the heroism and heresy that resides within us all.