Scott Lindstrom and Special Musician Jason Spence

We’ll celebrate the coming of the light and longer, more hopeful days ahead. And we may have a visit from Miss Ann Thrope who will experience a bit of our faith in a brighter, fact-based and more just future.

Between the Dark and the Light

Reverend Katherine Jesch & Special Musicians Gwen Kent, Bobby Elliott & Raymond Elliott

In the midst of the holiday rush, it may be a challenge to find our balance when life swings madly from the joy and celebration with our families and communities to the tragedies … read more.

Christmas Eve Service

Choir Concert at 6:30pm
Christmas Eve Worship Service at 7 pm

Reverend Christine Riley
Music Director Raymond Elliott and the UUCCWC Choir

Come on this sacred night to be warmed by our caring fellowship, as we hear the Christmas Story and once again affirm its relevance … read more.

Bring in the New Year with Poetry and Song!

Alana Graham, Diane Larson and Darolyn Wylie, Worship Associates
Special musicians Jennifer Houston, Nancy Johnson, Sheryl Macy and Darlene Tschudy

We invite you to join us for a reflective service–a peaceful respite within the joys and busyness of the Holiday Season.

Singing is a sharing, not a … read more.