UN Sunday was Sunday, October 25th.  The UU@UN works to make our UU voices heard at the United Nations.  UU@UN is in affirmation of our 6th Principle: The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.

For the past eight years, UUCCWC has been a Blue Ribbon Congregation (now called Sixth Principle Award) for our support of UU@UN.  To be recognized for a Sixth Principle Award this year, there are two types of donations that need to be made.  The first is individual donations.  We need 5% of our membership to become individual donors by donating directly online at https://giving.uua.org/uuatun.  The second type of donation is a congregational donation.  In the past the congregational donation came from passing the plate on Sunday.  Since we cannot pass the plate on Sunday, you can contribute to the congregational donation via the yellow donate button at the top of the our website.


Black Lives Matter

Our Vision

A welcoming, liberal religious community where we care for and encourage each other to:
  • Free the Mind
  • Grow the Spirit
  • Reach Out to the World.

Vote your Voice!

November Election Day11/03/2020
6 days to go.

National Coming Out Day

On the Ballot

Rev. William Sinkford

As we approach Election Day (in what will likely be election month), what is on the ballot for us? What hopes? What fears? What values can ground us as the political din moves toward crescendo and we prepare for what will follow?

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