2021-2022 UUCCWC Annual Pledge Drive “Together For Joy”

You are invited to Together for Joy events: these small gatherings will be fun. Let’s build connections, share dreams and fill out your stewardship pledge forms with help from our team of canvassers. New this year – if we do not hear from you, you will be renewed at last year’s rate. RESERVE YOUR PLACE AT JOY GATHERING

For more information visit:  uuccwc.org/stewardship.

Enter your pledge here.

Our Vision

A welcoming, liberal religious community where we care for and encourage each other to:
  • Free the Mind
  • Grow the Spirit
  • Reach Out to the World.

It Takes Practice

Matt Meyer

Our favorite songs, whoever the artist or whatever the style, were created in a strange alchemy of study and inspiration, of strict practice and of letting go.  Spiritual Practice is a similar combination of dedication, muscle memory, and perhaps a little divine inspiration. Join … read more.

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